Welcome to a webinar-platform of ZenDentistry project! You need to install necessary software for watching our webinars.  All the procedure is described in details below. We are recommending you to proceed all the steps described in this manual beforehand, so you can enjoy the process of watching.

We would like to bring your attention to the following matters:

– For a pure broadcasting and flawless viewing of the webinars presented by ZenDentistry project it is required to use only your personal PC (Windows, Mac OS). We don’t guarantee an ability of installing SW on your mobile devices and the quality of viewing.

– All the webinars are secured by special services of information protection.

We have to warn you that in case of broadcasting recording with the use of IT programs the User will be granted a timeless ban on the websites of ZenDentistry projects. Moreover, during every webinar there is dynamic mark appearing on the screen, which allows to trace each screen recording taken by any external device. ZenDentistry service has all rights to file a lawsuit against the User for copyrights violation upon becoming aware of such wrongful acts.

– In case if you had no opportunity to attend the webinar, you will be able to watch its official recording which will be available on the website www.zendentistry.ru in Events section.

To ensure your access to a webinar you ll have to indicate your personal serial number.

Before you start using our Zen Dentistry Webinars service, please read carefully the instruction below!

1. It is necessary to download and install a particular player to watch broadcasting

2. Please find and click a tab “Broadcasting” in the menu of the following page

3. In the upper part of a browser you will see a tab with an inquiry to allow the start of installation process, please choose Accept

4. The installation files of InfoPritector player will start downloading. This process will take some time

6. In the end of an installation process the window with broadcasting will open and you can start watching a webinar.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support, we will be happy to answer them.